Klas Rönnbäck


Visiting address
Viktoriagatan 13 plan 6
41125 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 625
40530 Göteborg

About Klas Rönnbäck

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Research areas

  • Economic development
  • Colonialism
  • Slavery
  • Capitalism

Research in progress

  • Reversal of fortune or persistence of wealth? Institutions and wealth inequality in a Caribbean plantation economy, 1750s to 1917
  • Imperial Profits: The return on investments in Africa, 1869-1969
  • The profitability of slavery and the slave trade revisited

Teaching areas

  • Global economic history
  • Economic history of slavery
  • Labour in economic and historical perspective

Selected publications

Klas Rönnbäck & Dimitrios Theodoridis (forthcoming): "Cotton cultivation under colonial rule in India in the nineteenth century from a comparative perspective", accepted for publication in Economic History Review.

Klas Rönnbäck, Oskar Broberg & Stefania Galli (2021): "A colonial cash cow: the return on investments in British Malaya, 1889-1969", Cliometrica.

Klas Rönnbäck & Oskar Broberg (2019): Capital and Colonialism: The Return on Investments in Africa, 1869-1969. Palgrave Macmillan.

Klas Rönnbäck (2018): "On the economic importance of the slave plantation complex to the British economy during the eighteenth century: a value-added approach". Journal of Global History.

Klas Rönnbäck (2016): Labour and Living Standards in Pre-Colonial West Africa: The Case of the Gold Coast. Routledge.