Integration of climate-change impacts into the ecosystem based management and planning of the Swedish marine environment

Research project

Short description

An effective management of ocean natural resources is essential in order to protect and preserve what in many cases represent irrreplaceable values. Due to the major and rapid environmental changes from global warming and complex interactions in marine systems, the management needs to handle present pressures as well as climate change at the same time.

This project will promote an ecosystem-based management by incorporating climate change, uncertainties in data, and climate adaptation issues. Within the project the cumulative impact-assessment tool “Symphony”, developed and used by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water management for Marine Spatial Planning, will be further advanced to incorporate climate data and connectivity.

Participating researchers

Per Jonsson, Department of Marine Sciences
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Linus Hammar, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management SwAM
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Iréne Wåhlström, Swedish Meterological and Hydrological Institute SMHI
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