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The subject area of German has a long tradition at the University of Gothenburg and research has been conducted in the fields of literary studies, linguistics and learning. Current research focuses on inter- and transculturality and sustainability issues in modern German literature, cognitive and social aspects of bi- and multilingualism, language and politics, historical sociolinguistics and name research, Digital Humanities in modern and historical linguistics, language interaction in digital media (CALL/CMC), and writing development and teaching.

Researchers in German
Researchers in German. From left: Michelle Waldispühl, Magnus P. Ängsal, Christine Fredriksson, Edgar Platen, Linda Karlsson Hammarfelt
Photo: Janna Roosch

The research group comprises a broad range of skills with a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. A special area of expertise is multilingualism, migration and transculturality, which is highlighted from a literary studies, linguistics and language history perspective as well as a learning perspective.

The literary studies research in the subject area primarily deals with modern and contemporary German literature in an international context. For example, the research deals with literary theory questions and literary historiography, as well as questions related to spatiality, transculturality, migration and sustainability. The researchers in the subject area present the series Zur Darstellung von Zeitgeschichte in deutschsprachiger Gegenwartsliteratur for example,which, with a focus on different themes, explores how literature produces and negotiates contemporary history into being.

The subject area’s research with a linguistics specialisation concerns areas such as text and discourse linguistics, language contact linguistics, historical sociolinguistics, name research, foreign language learning, and language and gender. The research group also has experience in developing and using digital corpuses and tools.
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Research in the subject area of German at the Department of Languages and Literatures at the University of Gothenburg actively contributes to the research areas  Literary Studies, Language in Society and Language Learning and Teaching.

Researchers in the subject area of German are involved in multiple national and international networks, for example:


Christine Fredriksson, Senior lecturer

Linda Karlsson Hammarfelt, Associate Professor

Edgar Platen, Professor     

Petra Platen, Senior lecturer

Michelle Waldispühl, Associate Professor

Magnus P. Ängsal, universitetslektor, docent