University of Gothenburg

Language learning and language teaching

We conduct research on language learning and language education in a broad perspective. Our research concerns the learning and teaching of several languages ​​in a national and international context, such as German, French, Arabic, Spanish and English.

Our research includes

  • third language learning and multilingualism,
  • vocabulary learning and teaching,
  • mother tongue tuition,
  • writing development and teaching,
  • linguistic interaction in chats,
  • connection between prior knowledge and study results,
  • cognitive aspects of grammar learning,
  • literature in language teaching.

Researchers in the field are involved in various international projects and networks, including:

Nordplus project: Mangfold i lærebøker i språkfagene (Norway, Sweden, Iceland)

Erasmus+ project: E-LearnScene: Development and investigation of learning scenarios in German teaching (Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Poland)

Nordplus network: Languages ​​in the multilingual classroom (Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden) – completed


Several doctoral students are active in the research area Language learning and language teaching and regularly present their projects.