University of Gothenburg

Equal rights and opportunities

The aim of the Department for Languages and Literatures is to ensure a good working environment in which all employees and students, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or other belief system, transgender identity or expression, any functional disability, sexual orientation or age, are given the best opportunities to develop.

The Department has an appointed Equal Opportunities Representative that can be contacted in case of a problem. The Equal Opportunities Representative is bound by professional secrecy but has the responsibility to inform the Head of Department, who is in charge of the Department’s work with Equal rights and opportunities, about any problem that is reported.

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Special learning support

Special learning support (in the form of f.ex note taking, customised course literature, mentoring and special software) is available for students who have disabilities or dyslexia.

For more information go to:

For enquiries about how to receive support, please contact

Anna Jälknäs
Coordinator, students with disabilities (Faculty of Humanities)
031-786 3109

Emma Kjellén
Coordinator, students with dyslexia
031-786 5133