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Doctoral Studies

The Department of Languages and Literatures offers education leading to a licentiate degree and/or a doctoral degree in ten subject areas. The objective of the Department’s doctoral education is partly to provide in-depth knowledge within the respective language areas and partly to provide the skills in research methodology that are required in order to carry out a major research task and report the results in a thesis.

The education is designed to lay the foundation for post-doctoral scholarly work and provide the necessary qualifications for professions that require extensive knowledge and skills within the respective language areas as well as scientific schooling. Examples of such professions are services within the university and the rest of the educational system, as well as the broader labour market where there are demands of more in-depth competence within a specific language area.

If you want to be admitted to doctoral studies, you must meet the entry requirements and have funding for the full period of your studies. For applicable entry requirements, see the general syllabus for the subject in question (see link on this page). For general information on eligibility, admission and rules, see link to Doctoral studies - University of Gothenburg.

Announcement of doctoral positions

There is currently no recruitment of new doctoral positions at the department. Information about upcoming announcements will be posted on this page.

How to apply for studies at doctoral level

Applications are generally accepted after the Department has announced one or several doctoral studentships. Applications must be submitted via the University’s recruitment system.


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Admissions are based on three major criteria: what you have achieved (mainly in the form of degree projects and other written works), what you plan to achieve (in the form of a project outline) and how your choice of research area matches the Department’s teaching and research expertise. Thus, you should read up on the Department’s research in the language area you are interested in. You are welcome to contact a potentional supervisor or Assistant Head of Department Linda Karlsson Hammarfelt if you have questions about the research areas.


The department hosts both seminars that target the whole department and more specialised seminars for each language area. All seminars are open to all scholars and doctoral students at the Faculty. Some seminars, however, are held in the language in question (both the text discussed and the language used at the seminar). The Department-wide seminars are always held in Swedish or English and reflect the different research orientations that exist for the different languages.

Seminars and events


Each syllabus specifies a number of compulsory and elective courses. Some of the courses are reading courses. The elective courses must be selected in consultation with the student’s supervisor.