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Welcome to the Department of Languages and Literatures! We offer education within language subjects at bachelor's level (first cycle), master's level (second cycle) and doctoral level (third cycle).

Our education is oriented towards you who are interested in language and literature and there are courses that meet your needs whether you are aiming to learn a new language from scratch or want to continue your studies from secondary school.

The courses at the bachelor's level comprise, among other, language proficiency, linguistics, comparative literature and culture and area studies. At the higher levels, the content gradually reaches greater depth and becomes more specialised.

Since we are a language department, we naturally have a lot of contacts with universities in other conutries and offer our students various possibilities of studying abroad.

We also have courses within teacher training and translators' programmes. Moreover, we offer competence development for those professionals who wish to develop their language skills further.

Exchange students

The Department of Languages and Literatures comprises all the languages - and the literatures and cultures they are part of - taught at the Faculty of Humanities, with the exception of Swedish and the other Nordic languages. Those courses available for you as an exchange student are listed on the Course selection list.