University of Gothenburg

Language in Society

Within the research area Language in Society, we focus on writing and space from a sociolinguistic and socio-semiotic perspective. We deal with both spatial aspects of linguistic and semiotic meaning-making, as well as linguistic and semiotic aspects of space, place and landscape. We investigate writing and sociolinguistic change in contemporary and historical data and from cultural perspectives.


Several of the researchers involved in the area are part of the SPL network, Writing and Society, and in the interdisciplinary network Language and Space (SpåR). SpåR was started in 2016 by Johan Järlehed (SPL) and Per Holmberg and Andreas Nord (both from the Department of Swedish). The researchers in the network share an interest in social semiotics, multimodality and discourse studies, both theoretically and methodologically.

More about Writing and Society (in Swedish)

Seminar coordinator, Writing and Society: Michelle Waldispühl