Kerstin Lagerstrand

Anknuten till forskning

Avd för medicinsk
Bruna stråket 13
40036 Göteborg
Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset
Bruna stråket 13 400 36, Göteborg

Om Kerstin Lagerstrand

Kerstin is employed as a senior Physicist at the Dept. of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and is affiliated Associate Professor at the University of Gothenburg.

Her research is focused on how to use and develop technologies as MRI in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the benefit of MRI investigations in everyday care of patients with different conditions. Presently her research is about degenerative spine problems and heart disease diagnostics.

Kerstin has a high competence in MRI technology/physics and mathematics, which together with her collaborating closely to clinicians makes it likely that the research will benefit patients. To bring technology and clinical medicine together is of outmost importance to drive development within health care of today, and researchers with a science background is an important force within this effort.