University of Gothenburg
Photo of a synthetic blood vessel
A synthetic blood vessel in the laboratory.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Research Centres

The research Centres at Sahlgrenska Academy bring together experts in important research fields and are interdisciplinary meeting places for collaboration with business and society.

National Research Centres

The Centre for Person-centred Care - GPCC is a national interdisciplinary research center with the support of the Swedish Government's strategic investment in research. The Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine is part of a national effort to reposition Sweden as a world-leading life science nation.

UGOT Research Challenges

AgeCap – Centre for Ageing and Health, and CARe – Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research are two of six research centres within the unique research initiative UGOT Challenges at the University of Gothenburg.

Strategic meeting places for collaboration

Research Centres are strategic initiatives to facilitate collaborations and stimulate the exchange of experience. They are established for a limited period and the research activity is evaluated systematically.