University of Gothenburg

Individual study plan

The individual study plan (ISP) is the doctoral student's most important document. It is an agreement between the doctoral student, supervisor, director of studies (doctoral examiner) and head of institute on the content of the upcoming doctoral education.

In the individual study plan, it must be stated which courses and educational elements are to be included in the doctoral education, the role of the supervisors, the scope of the supervision and a time and funding plan. The individual study plan must be complete before admission to doctoral education can take place. It is the head of institute who approves the individual study plan and thereby decides on admission.

Appendices that must be attached to the plan:

  • Established doctoral project
  • Research plan
  • Ethical permission for the research project (if applicable)
  • Agreement on financing doctoral students within the framework of an external employment (does not apply to employees within VGR)

Keep in mind that:

Before a proposal for an individual study plan is formulated, there must be an approved and established doctoral student place. After the place has been established (and, where applicable, announced), the main supervisor and the applicant who is predisposed to study at postgraduate level get access to the ISP system (e-service for individual study plan).

  • Only the main supervisor can initiate an individual study plan, the person who creates the plan automatically becomes the main supervisor of the plan.
  • The doctoral student is informed by an automatic e-mail that the study plan has been created and is available.
  • The assistant supervisor has reading permission for the individual study plan.
  • When the head of institute has decided on admission, the study plan is established.