University of Gothenburg

Center for Disaster Medicine

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The Centre for Disaster Medicine is a knowledge hub commissioned by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare with a focus on medical care in total defense. We conduct research, development, and education within the whole spectrum of disaster medicine and healthcare in times of crisis and war.

Here, research on some of society's greatest challenges converge; preventive efforts in climate-related disasters, healthcare in crisis and war, accidents leading to the spread of chemical, biological, or radiological agents, pandemics, mass casualty management, and disaster medical command and control.

Research and collaboration

Disaster medicine covers the entire national crisis and disaster management cycle and includes the management and organization of public health responses to disasters and major events, including the special medical needs of a community in the event of a disaster. So our cooperation exists within large parts of society.

About us

With the new centre, disaster medicine has been given a clear priority at universities. We hope to be able to contribute to both basic education, further education and postgraduate education in the subject. Interest in the subject is great among students and researchers. Together, we will create the conditions for a Sweden that is prepared to handle all types of disasters.