University of Gothenburg
Photo of students taking a walk in one of the buildings
Photo: Johan Wingborg

About us

Sahlgrenska Academy is the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gothenburg. We train doctors, nurses, dentists and a number of sought-after care professions.

We are open to collaborations that help us see new perspectives and find better ways to prevent and treat illness. Here you will find international research at the utmost forefront. Successful research areas include ageing, person-centred care, cancer, metabolism, neuroscience, obstetrics, odontology, vaccines, and virology.
Our research and education mainly take place on the campus that is shared with public healthcare, especially at the hospitals within Sahlgrenska University Hospital.
We are in a development phase where our main campus will be the centre for the university's activities in Life Science.
Historically our research has led to great success, for example, dental implants, beta-blockers for heart failure, and the world's most-sold pharmaceutical Losec. We are particularly proud of our Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson, who developed his discoveries about dopamine's important role in the brain at our campus.

Facts and figures


  • We have an annual turnover of SEK 3 billion.
  • We have 1,780 employees, of whom 825 are researchers and teachers.
  • Research accounts for about 70 per cent of our turnover.


  • Our research has a turnover of SEK 2,200 million annually.
  • We published 115 doctoral theses and 3,052 articles in scientific journals in 2022.
  • We have 1,100 doctoral students.
  • In dentistry, we are ranked fourth in the QS Subject Ranking.


  • We have 18 educational programmes at the bachelor's level and 4 programmes at the advanced level and master's level.
  • Our education has a turnover of SEK 800 million annually.
  • We have 5,900 students.
  • We have 95 international agreements with other universities.

Research funding

  • We receive SEK 1 billion annually in external funds.
  • Our most prominent external financiers are, in order of size:
    • The Swedish Research Council
    • Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
    • Swedish Cancer Society
    • European Union
    • Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation
    • Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare