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Photo of a bioreactor in a lab.
Photo: Nicklas Elmrin

Doctoral Studies

Do you want to study at the doctoral level and make a difference in people's lives? Do you want to combine doctoral studies with research in vital subjects in a dynamic and international research environment?

As a doctoral student at Sahlgrenska Academy, you participate in our research, which is often carried out in collaboration with healthcare and is published in the field of health science. We have 900 PhD students aiming to complete a doctorate (PhD) in our postgraduate subjects: medical science, ontological science, care science, basic medical science and pharmaceutical science.

Apply for a doctoral position

We advertise vacant doctoral positions continuously under Vacancies at the University of Gothenburg.


Insight into Sahlgrenska Academy's activities

Take a look at Sahlgrenska Academy's online staff news, Or follow us on LinkedIn where we share research news and open doctoral positions.


Two separate admission processes

Doctoral positions with the University of Gothenburg as the employer

All currently available doctoral positions with the University of Gothenburg as the employer are advertised on Vacancies.

Who do I contact about the research project?
If you have questions about the research project, contact the supervisor for the project. Contact information can be found in the advertisement.

What happens to my application?
When the application period has expired, the supervisor reads all applications and reviews the applicants' merits. How long the selection takes varies.

PhD position with an external employer (other than the University of Gothenburg)

When applying to a doctoral position financed by your employer you propose an individual study plan, including various documents about the doctoral project, together with your supervisor. Read more about how you apply at the Doctoral Portal.

Description of the process in Doctoral student portal