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University of Gothenburg
Photo from an oncology laboratory
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Our research

Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy want to understand how the body works, prevent physical and mental illness and develop treatments. The research ranges from basic studies of molecule structure and cell function via experimental studies of disease principles to research at the population level. Healthcare research is also conducted here, including methods for measuring the subjective experience of illness and how a person-centred approach can contribute to more humane and effective care.

In extensive research fields, our research is at the forefront of the international community, for example in dentistry, neuropsychiatry, cardiovascular disease, metabolism, gastrointestinal and person-centred care.
In collaboration with healthcare, we work to integrate science with patient-related issues. We work closely with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, where a majority of our professors are employed.
Our close collaboration with Region Västra Götaland has given us a top position in clinical research in Sweden. Chalmers University of Technology and AstraZeneca are important partners, as well as other universities and companies, both nationally and internationally.