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Students practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation at CTC.
Students practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation at CTC.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Clinical Training Center, CTC

Clinical training center, CTC, is a resource for all students at Sahlgrenska Academy. CTC is a simulated care environment where the students undergo method teaching, simulation with a focus on emergency care and teamwork. They are also offered inter-professional training sessions and the opportunity for self-training.

Environments and teaching

CTC consists of several different environments. We have care rooms, emergency room, operating room, X-ray room, speech and hearing lab, cardiopulmonary resuscitation room, physiotherapy rooms, occupational therapy room creative room, home environment, medicine room, rinse room, storage room and 9 rooms for self-training. The teaching that is conducted within each program is based on Vårdhandboken, with some regard to local guidelines. After students have completed practical education, the students are given the opportunity to practice several clinical skills on their own in one of our rooms for self-training.

Teaching at CTC is carried out by both teachers and students. CTC's CPR instructors teach CPR at all levels. CTC hires two amanuenses (student employees) every semester and the position as amanuenses includes participating in certain teaching sessions. There are also teaching opportunities where students learn with, from and about each other, - both within the same profession - but also inter-professional.

"High quality of the staff's pedagogical competence and commitment."

"I am very satisfied with all types of training I have had at CTC. It has been extremely instructive and valuable training in a safe environment."

Quotations taken from the answers in surveys the students answer after practical education at CTC.

Basic hygiene routines

CTC is a simulated care environment, which means that the same rules apply here as in a real care environment, and therefore basic hygiene routines always apply for both students and teachers. We work in this way both to prevent the spread of infection but also to convey risk awareness.

Picture with text about basic hygiene routines

Borrow premises or equipment

We currently have no opportunity to lend our premises or our equipment to activities outside Sahlgrenska Academy since they are used in scheduled teaching and self-training by all students at the faculty.