University of Gothenburg

Honorary Doctors at Sahlgrenska Academy

The Sahlgrenska Academy appoints one or more people as honorary doctors every year. In order to be appointed, the person must have been of great importance for the research or education of the faculty, or in some other way contributed to knowledge formation within the faculty's area of activity.

From 1953 until today - Honorary Doctors in alphabetical order

New honorary doctor at Sahlgrenska Academy

Honorary Doctors of Medicine, Dentistry and Philosophy

The first honorary doctor of medicine (MDhc) was appointed in 1953 at the then newly formed Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gothenburg. After the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry in 1970, honorary doctors of Dentistry (ODhc) have been appointed. Since the Institute of Health and Care Sciences became part of the Sahlgrenska Academy in 2002, honorary doctors of philosophy (FDhc) are appointed at the faculty.