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PHYSBE – Physical fitness and Brain – Epidemiological and Interventional studies

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Neurological and psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular disease are main contributors to the global burden of illness and to premature death. To a large extent, these conditions are preventable, with risk factors accumulating over the life course. Most studies on causal factors are conducted in middle-aged or older populations where potentially important influences from early life not can be adequately captured. We have several ongoing cohort studies linked to nationwide Swedish registries including health profiles later in life. Thus we have access to very detailed phenotype data, as well as near-complete outcome data for a range of serious disorders. Through these databases, we will be able to investigate the importance of a large set of factors, and particularly physical fitness, BMI and mental illness during adolescence.

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  • Anna-Karin Lennartsson, Doctor
  • Berit Larsson, Doctor
  • Malin Henriksson, Doctor


Elisabeth Staats, specialist in family medicine at care centre Vårdcentralen Silentzvägen, Uddevalla.
PhD-project: ”Adolescent and work-related risk factors for midlife suicide in men  a Swedish population-based longitudinal cohort study during 1970-2018.”