Suzanne Dickson


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Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 11
41390 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 432
SE-40530 Göteborg

About Suzanne Dickson

Honorary Professor in the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, The University of Edinburgh

Research group

Neurobiology of eating behaviours


Endocrinology: Obesity, appetite, glucose homeostasis, calcium balance

Research interests

Gut brain signaling by appetite-regulating hormones.

Ongoing research / projects

The endocrine gut-brain reward axis as a possible target for new drug therapy. (Swedish Research Council)

The Integrated Neurobiology of Food Intake, Addiction and Stress. The Neurobiology of food intake, addiction and stress “NeuroFAST”. EC-funded project coordinated by Suzanne Dickson.

Understanding food-gut-brain mechanisms across the lifespan in the regulation of hunger and satiety for health “Full4Health”. EC-funded Integrated project in the 7th Framework.

The Neurobiology of Decision-Making in Eating - Innovative Tools “Nudge-it”. EC-funded Integrated project in the 7th Framework.