Photo: Kat Banachowicz

Changing foodscapes: Elderly consumers' entry into the digitized food market

Research project
Active research
Project size
Handelsrådet 1,7 miljoner kronor. Finansiering kommer även från Mathem samt från Centre for retailing, Handelshögskolan, Göteborgs universitet.
Project period
2019 - 2021
Project owner
Centre for Consumption Research

Handelsrådet samt medfinansiering av Mathem och CFR, Handelshögskolan vid GU.

Short description

The aim of the project is to increase knowledge about how retail can become more accessible in elderly consumers’ everyday life. The project aims to increase awareness of the needs of elderly consumers and to improve their opportunities to shop for food and groceries. Theoretically, we want to contribute to the field of Foodscapes and how digital technology can enable increased access to food for the elderly. We use ethnographic methods to study how elderly consumers handle their purchases today and how they can make their own purchases with the help of various technical tools. The study will contribute to: how (digital) retailers can reach new customer groups; extend the foodscapes of elderly consumers; develop user-friendly interfaces; and enable retailers to strengthen their work on social sustainability.