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Cooperative and non-cooperative collusion and strategic patenting

Research project
Pågående forskning
Project size
1 500 000 SEK
Project period
2019 - ongoing
Project owner
Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law

Handelsbankens forskningsstiftelser

Short description

The aim of this research proposal is to secure financing for conducting research in the economic area of collusion and strategic use of intellectual assets using patents, and other intellectual property rights (IPRs). The emphasis of the project will be on cooperative and non-cooperative collusion in static and dynamic oligopolistic structures. The main questions to ask are the following: When does collusion occur in an oligopoly market, and when is it welfare increasing? How sensitive are collusive pricing and payoffs to antitrust penalties, the size of the cartel, and the patenting conduct of firms in knowledge based industries? How do firms choose between early or late patenting/licensing in different jurisdiction?