The interdependence between freight and passenger transport services

Research project
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Project period
2021 - 2021
Project owner
Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law

Short description

The outbreak of the Corona virus has highlighted a previously largely neglected challenge in the transport system, namely the dependence between freight transport and passenger transport. The cancellation of almost all passenger airliners have hit the air freight industry hard as roughly 65% of all air freight is carried as belly cargo on passenger aircrafts. Similarly, ferry services are being widely cancelled as passenger demand essentially has disappeared. The project will investigate the interdependence between freight and passenger transport services for the different traffic modes and map which modes/segments that are most subjected to interdependence and which form these independences take. Further it will look into consequences for intermodal competition, operations, and business models.

Research has traditionally been performed either into freight transport or passenger transport but truly interdisciplinary research has been lacking. This project aims to bridge this gap by taking an interdisciplinary view of the interdependence between freight and passenger transport, involving researcher from logistics, law, business models, consumer behaviour, environmental psychology and travel behaviour.

The project will contribute to new knowledge about the interdependence between freight and passenger transport which is a previously largely neglected research area and will help transport companies manage the changing landscape after the Corona crisis. The project will further help transport companies and policy makers to support and develop more efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly transport solutions.


Jonas Flodén, project leader,  Department of Business Administration
Johan Woxenius, Department of Business Administration  
Jon Williamsson, Department of Business Administration
Magnus Roos, Centre for Consumer Science
Abhinayan Basu Bal, Department of Law         
Trisha Rajput, Department of Law       
Cecilia Bergstad, Department of Psychology        
Debora Lombardi, Department of Psychology