Supply Chain Finance: New roles for the logistics and transport industry

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
3 000 000 SEK
Project period
2016 - 2019
Project owner
Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law

Short description

Making the flows in international supply chains visible reduces information asymmetry and enables more efficient and less risky chains. This multidisciplinary project aims to analyze how the roles of different supply chain actors may change when the physical, informational and financial flows are made visible throughout the supply chain. The project rests on the assumption that digitalization, and related technologies, can be used to identify and strengthen the weakest links in the supply chain. The project involves researchers from logistics, finance and law as well as numerous practitioners from banks, multinational firms and industry associations.

Project members

Johan Woxenius
Ted Lindblom
Lars Göran Malmberg
Viktor Elliot
Abhinayan Basu Bal
Trisha Rajput


Basu Bal, A., Elliot, V., Lindblom, T., Rajput, T., Malmberg, L.-G., Woxenius, J. (2018) Different Perspectives on Supply Chain Finance – In search of a holistic approach, I: Gong, S., Cullinane, K., (Red.). Finance and Risk Management for International Logistics and the Supply Chain, 1st Edition, Elsevier, Oxford, s. 35-54.

Basu Bal, A., Elliot, V., Lindblom, T., Rajput, T., Woxenius, J. (2017) The role of logistics service providers in advancing supply chain finance, work-in-progress, 29th Nofoma Conference, 8 - 9 juni, Lund.

Elliot, V., Woxenius, J. (2019) Supply chain finance is not for everyone: Are logistics service providers willing to advance supply chain finance?, The 28th International Purchasing and Supply, Education and Research Association (IPSERA) Conference, 14-17 april, Milano.