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Dissertations hanging on a wall
Photo: Lovisa Aijmer

Doctoral Studies

The doctoral education at the Institute of health and care sciences is conducted within the subject of care sciences and corresponds to studies of a total of 240 higher education credits. The four-year programme leads to a doctorate degree. The doctoral programme consists partly of the writing of a scientific dissertation and partly of doctoral level courses of at least 30 higher education credits.

There are currently approximately 50 registered doctoral students at the Institute of health and care sciences. A large proportion of the department's doctoral students are engaged as supervisors for postgraduate students and participate in half-time seminars and dissertations.

Each PhD-student belongs to one of the department's research groups. The research groups develop and discuss research designs, manuscripts, conference papers and applications for funding of research means. Here, important networks for collaboration are established.

An important task for doctoral students is to contribute to the development of the institute's and the academy's activities by participating in its various bodies. In addition to this, there is the opportunity to work as a lecturer during your doctoral period which is a merit for our PhD-students future careers.