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University of Gothenburg
Research data analysis at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research
Research data analysis at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research
Photo: Emelie Asplund

Education via CARES

Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research provides PhD graduate studies through Cancer Research South (CARES) School, with the goal to provide a unique possibility to broaden the PhD Student’s knowledge in all aspects of comprehensive translational cancer research.

Started as a strategic research program

Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Reserch was initially part of the governmental supported strategic cancer research program BioCARE, which was run jointly by the universities of Gothenburg and Lund between 2010 - 2019. The overall aim of the program was to promote research and education of highest international standard and to facilitate the translation of acquired knowledge to society with health care and industry as the natural partners.

Until the research program was cancelled at the end of 2019, BioCARE was also host for the Cancer Research South (CARES) School. This responsibility was instead taken over by the newly established Lund University Cancer Centre (LUCC) in 2020.

Cancer Research South (CARES) School

LUCC is the current host of Cancer Research South (CARES) School, which is a graduate research school funded by the Swedish Cancer Society. We at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research are part of this effort and besides our research we therefore provide education through a range of comprehensive courses and activities for PhD Students within cancer research, both at University of Gothenburg and Lund University (within LUCC).

CARES is currently being updated and will be relaunched in a new format during 2022, with new content and courses. Starting January 2022, the research school will include both on-line courses, retreats and an exchange program between clinical and pre-clinical fellows. 

Photo: Emelie Asplund

More about CARES, LUCC and BioCARE

Read more about the Cancer Research South (CARES) School, its host LUCC and the former strategic cancer research program BioCARE.

CARES contact information

For questions regarding Cancer Research South (CARES) School, please contact the coordinator first hand: 

Scientific Coordinator, LU
Pia Berntsson
, PhD

Medicon Village
Building 406: 312H1 (HS 90)
Scheeletorget 1
SE-223 81 Lund
+46 46 222 31 01 

Research Administrator, LU
Johanna Verngren

Medicon Village
Building 406: 311K1 (HS 90)
Scheelevägen 2
SE-223 81 Lund
+46 46 222 64 32

Steering Committee

Roger Olofsson Bagge (UGOT)
Helena Carén (UGOT)
Håkan Axelson (LU)
Ingrid Hedenfalk (LU)