University of Gothenburg
bacteria on plate
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Doctoral Studies

Are you interested in research? We continuously announce PhD positions. As a PhD student, you will belong to a research group and conduct your research under supervision of one or more senior scientists that eventually leads to a thesis. In parallel, you will take courses to complement your research education and participate in scientific conferences.

The Institute of Biomedicine has more than 100 PhD students that belong to any of our four Departments: Infectious Diseases, Microbiology and Immunology, Laboratory Medicine and Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology. During the four-year PhD programme, you will learn to conduct high quality research in a highly stimulating scientific environment to deepen your knowledge of the research field. The thesis itself amounts to 210 ECTS, while the courses comprise up to 30 ECTS. It is also possible to participate in a five-year programme in medical basic sciences at the Institute of Biomedicine, where you will combine PhD research and teaching as part of an education intended for medical students with a strong research interests intending to pursue combined occupations within academia and health care.