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Internship at the QoG Institute

The Quality of Government Institute hosts an internship program aimed at students enrolled in a master’s program. The internship provides an excellent opportunity for the student to experience academic work on a day-to-day basis and in an international environment. During the internship, the student will have the opportunity to work with different research projects and with various researchers and to participate in seminars and other events organized by the QoG Institute as well as the Department of Political Science. An internship at the QoG Institute provides relevant experience particularly for students interested in an academic career.


To apply for the Data Internship at the QoG Institute, please send your CV, a cover letter, and a writing sample, to

Final application date is Friday May 13th.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email.


Please note that all decisions are made at the discretion of the program coordination team and are final. As this is an unpaid internship, final decisions cannot be appealed.

Internship testimony

Palina Kolvani, intern at the QoG institute, Autumn 2019


I did my internship at the Quality of Government Institute (QoG) in the second year of the Master’s programme in Political Science In Autumn 2019. Having taken the QoG course in the spring, I applied for the internship to improve my knowledge of QoG as a research area. I also knew that I would like to pursue a PhD after graduating, so an internship at QoG was an excellent opportunity to gain experience in an academic environment.

Thanks to my time at QoG, I realized that I find academic work really rewarding and would like to pursue an academic career after I finish my studies.

During my three months at QoG, I worked with several researchers on various tasks ranging from literature reviews to data collection and analyses. I also assisted with the annual update of the QoG dataset and improved my skills in using statistical software. As a part of my internship, I attended many events at the department, including biweekly QoG lunch seminars, which was a great opportunity to learn about ongoing research from scholars both from and outside the university, as well as practitioners. I found the working environment at QoG very collaborative and supportive where the interns’ assistance is really appreciated. The institute also organizes a QoG breakfast every Monday morning which is a great opportunity to learn more about the ongoing projects at the institute.

Thanks to my time at QoG, I realized that I find academic work really rewarding and would like to pursue an academic career after I finish my studies. The internship at QoG is well-suited for students who want to apply their skills and knowledge in practice and get a change to work with the leading scholars in the field.

Palina Kolvani, intern at the QoG institute Autumn 2019
Photo: Emelie Asplund