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The QoG Podcast

Making sense of politics and governments all over the world.

The QoG Podcast is a podcast brought yo you by the Quality of Government Institute (QoG), University of Gothenburg. QoG conducts and promotes research on the causes, consequences and nature of Good Governance and the Quality of Government - that is, trustworthy, reliable, impartial, uncorrupted and competent government institutions. In this podcast series, we discuss issues of political science in conversations with well-known experts to try to make sense of politics and governments all over the world.

Hosting this show is Victor Lapuente, who is a Senior Lecturer and Professor at the Department of Political Science and a Research Fellow at the Quality of Government Institute.

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James Robinson: The Balance Between State and Society

In this episode, we have Professor and bestseller author James Robinson guesting us, with whom we will talk about some of the big questions in social sciences: why do some nations fail and others succeed? What is the secret of economic and democratic prosperity? Thanks to the encyclopedic knowledge of James Robinson, we will be travelling through different time periods and geographies searching for the Holy Grail of progress. The message of hope for humankind that Robinson gives us in this podcast, about the balance between the power of Civil society and Government, is both simple and counterintuitive, very old and very fresh.

Sheri Berman: The Challenges of Liberal Democracies

In this episode, Professor and influential public intellectual Sheri Berman talks with host Victor Lapuente about the challenges of current-day democracies. Both in comparison and in contrast to, the fall of liberal regimes and the ascent of totalitarian systems in the 1930s - what are the similarities, and what are the differences?

Berman will provide us with many interesting insights to grasp the true nature of the problems our liberal democracies currently face.