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University of Gothenburg

QoG Expert Survey

The QoG Expert Survey is a unique data set with information on the structure and behavior of public administration in a range of different countries. The data covers 159 countries and is based on a web survey of 1294 experts.


When using QoG Expert Survey data, make sure to cite:

Dahlström, Carl, Jan Teorell, Stefan Dahlberg, Felix Hartmann, Annika Lindberg, and Marina Nistotskaya. 2015. The QoG Expert Survey Dataset II. University of Gothenburg: The Quality of Government Institute

The dataset covers different dimensions of Quality of Government, such as, politicization, professionalization, openness, and impartiality.

Our web survey is an ongoing project and we are continuously updating the data to increase the number of participating experts and the number of countries represented by the survey.