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Photo: Emelie Asplund

QoG for students

Here you find information about internship possibilities, the QoG courses, and other information relevant to you as a student.

Master students at the University of Gothenburg have the opportunity to take part in two courses strongly related to the research at the QoG institute, namely "Quality of Government in a Comparative Perspective" and "The Performance of Democracies".

The QoG institute also hosts an internship program aimed at students enrolled on a master’s program. The internship provides opportunities for students to obtain practical experience in working with various research projects within academia in an international environment, and gives the student the opportunity to experience the day-to-day work at the Institute and to participate in seminars and other events organized by the Institute.

If you are a student interested in writing your Master's thesis on a topic related to the Quality of Government, our researchers can provide competent supervision for your thesis.

The QoG Institute also publishes a Working Paper Series. Excellent Master's theses written within the QoG framework can be published in this series.