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University of Gothenburg

Basic Dataset

The QoG Basic dataset is a smaller version of the QoG Standard dataset. It consists of approximately 350 variables from 75 different data sources related to the Quality of Government.


When using QoG Basic data, make sure to cite both the original source and our publication:

Dahlberg, Stefan, Sören Holmberg, Bo Rothstein, Natalia Alvarado Pachon & Sofia Axelsson. 2020. The Quality of Government Basic Dataset, version Jan20. University of Gothenburg: The Quality of Government Institute, doi:10.18157/qogbasjan20

In the QoG Basic CS dataset, data from and around 2016 is included. Data from 2016 is prioritized, however, if no data is available for a country for 2016, data for 2017 is included. If no data exists for 2017, data for 2015 is included, and so on up to a maximum of +/- 3 years.

In the QoG Basic TS dataset, data from 1946 to 2019 is included and the unit of analysis is country-year (e.g., Sweden-1946, Sweden-1947, etc.).

In the Codebook, you can find a description of all data sources and variables. We provide a list of the variables categorized into nineteen thematic topics. Detailed descriptions of all variables are sorted by original data sources. We hope that this will facilitate your search for variables.