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QoG visiting scholar program

The aim of the Visiting Scholar Program is to provide intellectual impetus for the Quality of Government (QoG) Institute. We aim at inviting cutting-edge scholars who conduct studies on issues related to the research carried out at the QoG Institute. Visiting scholars are welcome to stay for one or two weeks. Longer stays may also be negotiated. We aim at maximum flexibility in order to increase chances for participation. The only requirement is that the stay in Gothenburg falls within the seminar period (September 1 – December 15 and January 15 – June 10).

Previous visiting scholars


Sarah Brierley, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Saverio Di Giorno, Visiting researcher at QoG and PhD student (Economics, Statistics and Sustainability) at the University of Naples Parthenope

Pedro Magalhães, Researcher elections, public opinion and constitutional politics at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) of the University of Lisbon

Peter Van der Windt, Associate professor of political science at New York University – Abu Dhabi

Sergejus Muravjovas, PhD student in Management and Economics at the University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania, and a Visiting Scholar at Penn Center for Social Norms and Behavioral Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Gustav Agneman, Postdoc, Department of Political Science at the University of Lund and winner of QoG Best Paper Award

Jorgen Moller, Professor, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University

Mattias vom Hau, Associate Professor, Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI)

Daniel Brieba, Fellow in Public Policy and Political Science at LSE / Profesor en Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

John Nye, Professor of Economics, George Manson University

Jennifer L. Selin, Senior Attorney Advisor, Administrative Conference of the United States

Christopher A. Cooper, Phd, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

Florian Hollenbach, Associate Professor in Business & Politics at Copenhagen Business School


Carina Gunnarson, Associate Professor and researcher at the Institute for Future Studies and at Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

Giulia Andrighetto, senior researcher at Mälardalen University, and at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy in Rome.

Brian Palmer-Rubin, Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Marquette University.

Oriol Sabaté Domingo, Beatriu de Pinós Fellow, Universitat de Barcelona.

Marko Klašnja, Assistant Professor at the School of Foreign Service and Government Department, Georgetown University.

Sofia Vera, Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Kansas.

Eric Chang, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, Michigan State University.

M. Jae Moon, Underwood Distinguished Professor and Director, Department of Public Policy and Management and Institute for Future Government, Yonsei University


Edoardo Teso, Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Guillem Amatller, predoctoral research fellow, IBEI and UPF, Barcelona.

Pablo Fernández-Vázquez, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences Carlos III at the University of Madrid.

Sergi Ferrer, PhD Student, Department of Political Science, University of Barcelona


Andreea Nastase, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University

Andi Hoxhaj, Ph.D., University of Warwick

Sergo Praca, Professor and researcher, the CPDOC School of Social Sciences (FGV-RJ)

Andrea Vaccaro, Ph.D. Student, Sapienza University of Rome


Benito Arruñada, Professor, Pompeu Fabra University

Ward Berenschot, Postdoc., KITLV/ Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies

Maria Carreri, Assistant Professor, UCSD School of Global Policy and Strategy

Rajeev Goel, Professor, Illinois State University

Anselm Hager, Assistant Professor, Graduate school of decision sciences in Konstanz

Oksana Huss, Post-Doctoral researcher, Leiden University

Stratos Patrikios, Senior Lecturer, School of Government and Public Policy, University of Strathclyde

Sergio Praca, Professor, da Escola de Ciências Sociais do CPDOC (FGV-RJ)

Matthew Stephenson, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

Pavithra Suryanarayan, Assistant Professor, John Hopkins University

Petr Urban, Senior Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences

Eric M. Uslaner, Professor, University of Maryland

Eleanor Woodhouse, Postdoc., European University Institute

Guo Xu, Assistant Professor, Berkeley Haas School of Business



Sofia Beatriz Vera, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Tore Wig, Senior Researcher, Peace Research institute, Oslo

Paola Annoni, Chief Statistician, European Commission DG for Regional and Urban Policy, Policy Development and Economic Analysis Unit

Gabriella Montinola, Associate Professor, UC Davis

Sergi Pardos-Prado, Official Fellow and Tutor, University of Oxford

James Perry, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

Jason Sharman, Professor, University of Cambridge

Pedro J. Camões, Assistant Professor and Vice President, School of Economics and Management, University of Minho

Anastasia Piliavsky, Fellow and Director of Studies in Social Anthropology, Girton College, Cambridge

Luca Andriani, Lecturer, Birkbeck University of London

Lisanne de Blok, Ph.D. candidate, University of Amsterdam

Saad Gulzar, Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Benjamin Pasquale, Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Joan-Josep Vallbé, Professor, University of Barcelona

Felix Haaß, Research Fellow, GIGA Institute of African Affairs, Hamburg

Cornelia Woll, Professor, Science Po, Paris

Tom Van der Meer, Professor, University of Amsterdam

Anders Woller Nielsen, Ph.D. candidate, University of Copenhagen



Virginia Oliveros, Assistant Professor, Tulane University

Michael Ting, Professor, University of Columbia

Matthew Winters, Associate Professor, University of Illinois

Sheri Berman, Professor, Columbia University

Lyle Scruggs, Professor, University of Connecticut

Andrew Whitford, Professor, University of Georgia

Rafael Vazques, Lecturer, University of Granada

Anna Patherick, Ph.D. candidate, University of Oxford

Ina Kubbe, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Tel Aviv University

Luis Schiumerini, Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Manuel Teodoro, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

Elena Costas, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona



Jonnekke Koomen, Associate Professor, Willamette University

Reuben Kline, Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University

Janine Wedel, Professor, School of Policy, Government, & International

David Andersen, Ph.D. candidate, Aarhus University

Sofia Wickberg, Ph.D. candidate, Sciences Po Paris

Michael Atkinson, Professor, University of Saskatchewan/University of Regina

Diana O’Brien, Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Salvatore Sberna, Adjunct Professor, New York University Florence

Hortense Jongen, Ph.D. researcher, Maastricht University



Donatella Casade, University of Siena

Nan Zhang, European University Institute

David Eric Lewis, Vanderbilt University

Oguzhan Dincer, Illinois State University

Petra Schleiter, University of Oxford

Adrienne Lebas, American University

Leslie Schwindt Bayer, Rice University, Houston

Anna Ahlers, University of Oslo

Salvador Parrado, Distance Learning University (UNED), Madrid

Adam Graycar, Flinders University

Melanie Hughes, University of Pittsburgh

Staffan Darnolf, International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Tiffany Barnes, University of Kentucky



Anna Khakunova, Higher School of Economics, National Research University, Moscow

Tom Pegram, University College London

David Booth, The Overseas Development Institute, London

Eliska Drapalova, European University Institute

Cathrine Holst, Oslo University

Thomas Kölble, University of Cape Town

Eva Zemandl, Central European University

Sven Steinmo, European University Institute

Andrew Patterson, University of British Columbia

Roberto Foa, Harvard University, Cambridge

Herbert Kitschelt, Duke University



Jonathan Hopkin, Dr., London School of Economics

Vinothan Naido, Dr., University of Cape Town

Pablo Beramendi, Associate Professor, Duke University

Sheri Berman, Professor, Barnard College

Takis Pappas, Dr., European University Institute

Ben Ross Schneider, Professor, MIT

Kathleen Thelen, Professor, MIT, Oxford University

Jong Sung You, Dr., University of California

Bryan Michael, Fellow, Asian Institute for International Financial Law

Illong Kwon, Associate Professor, Seoul National University

Robert Cox, Professor, University of South Carolina and Walker Institute of International and Area Studies

Anett Hodosi, Ph.D. candidate, University of Debrecen



Susan Ariel Aaronson, Associate Research Professor, George Washington University

Andreas Schedler, Professor, CIDE

Mette Frisk Jensen, Dr., Aarhus University

Paul Heywood, Professor, University of Nottingham

Davide Torsello, University of Bergamo

Margaret Levy, Professor, University of Washington

Fengping Zhao, Associate Professor, Zhengzhou University



Eric Uslaner, Professor, University of Maryland

Steven Pfaff, Associate Professor, University of Washington

Pierre Englebert, Assistant Professor, Pomona College

Bryon Moraski, Associate Professor, University of Florida

Anirudh Krishna, Professor, Duke Stanford School of Public Policy

David Collier, Professor, University of California Berkley

Ruth Collier, Professor, University of California Berkley

Susan Stokes, Professor, Yale University

Heather Marquette, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham

Esther Shalev-Gerz, Professor, Valand School of Fine Arts