University of Gothenburg

PERCEIVE Survey Dataset

The PERCEIVE original survey is intended to help researchers better understand the micro and macro-level dynamics that drive support (or lack thereof) of EU regional policies.


When using the PERCEIVE Survey Dataset, make sure to cite:

Monika Bauhr & Nicholas Charron (2020) The EU as a savior and a saint? Corruption and public support for redistribution, Journal of European Public Policy, 27:4, 509-527, DOI: 10.1080/13501763.2019.1578816

The survey includes over 35 substantive questions as well as seven demographic and background questions of the respondent.  Each respondent is geo-coded at the NUTS 1, NUTS 2, and NUTS 3 levels.  The survey questionnaire was originally written by scholars at the University of Gothenburg, Nicholas Charron, and Monika Bauhr, with help and feedback from various PERCEIVE partners. The fieldwork was conducted during the summer of 2017 by an international survey firm and the results were returned to the University of Gothenburg in September, 2017.