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Open Positions

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The WCMTM Seminar Series

The WCMTM community is still growing and contains experts covering a vast area of knowledge, from the molecular level to societal health challenges. Cross talking and networking are key issues.

Therefore, 2021 will be the starting point of a new thematic series of seminars that will aim to build bridges between the groups, and surrounding research environments. The aim of every seminar is to identify new possible connections to promote the mutual strive forward, in different focus areas.

The Brain - March 12th

Presenting Group: Michael Schöll, Johan Zelano, Karolina Skibicka

Patient Care - April 16th

Presenting Group: Helena Filipsson, Martin Dalin, Anders Rosengren

Tumor Biology - May 12th

Presenting Group: Ka-Wei Tang, Aishe Sarshad, Volkan Sayin

Diabetes and Obesity - June 11th

Presenting Group: Cristina Maglio, Emma Börgeson, George Birchenough

The WCMTM Seminar Series is curated by Helena Filipsson, Johan Zelano, Björn Redfors and George Birchenough.

Outreach Acitivites

Video (12:18)
Emma Börgeson - Inflammation

Emma Börgeson on Inflammation. The movie is in Swedish, but may be watched with English subtitles.

WCMTM Outreach Programme

Are we close to treat Alzheimers disease? How do cancer spread? How do you become a surgeon? Are viruses always bad? How does a working day for a researcher look like?

Our PI´s have experience from a variety of fields within medicine and natural sciences. Do not hesitate to contact them for scientific or popular scientific lecturers.




Roger Olofsson Bagge (clinical doctor) 

Breast cancer, Malignt Melanoma


George Birchenough 

Mucosal Biology, Diet/Lifestyle and Intestinal Defence


Emma Börgeson

Inflammation, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases


Martin Dalin (clinical doctor)

Cancer, Pediatric Cancer


Helena Filipsson (clinical doctor) 

Endocrinology, Thyroid Diseases


Anetta Svitorka Härtlova

Inflammation, Immunity, Viral and Bacterial infection


Cristina Maglio (clinical doctor)

Reumatic Diseases, Systemic Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis


Louise Nilsson

Biobanking, Research Infrastructure


Michael Schöll

Dementia and Medical Imaging Techniques


Anders Ståhlberg

Cancer, DNA and Genes, Medical Diagnostics


Ka-Wei Tang (clinical doctor)

Cancer, Virology, Bioinformatics


Alesia Tietze

Medicinal Chemistry, Peptide-Based Drugs


Johan Zelano (clinical doctor)

Neurology, Epilepsy


Daniel Bojar

Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Glycobiology


WCMTM Events

WCMTM Working Groups

WCMTM Yearly Open Event

Responsible: Martin, Anders R, Anetta, Alesia

WCMTM Kick-off

Responsible: Michael, Volkan, Cristina, Anders S

Coordinating Committee

Responsible: Anders R, Ka-Wei, Alesia, Jeremie, Anetta

WCMTM PI-meetings

Responsible: Fredrik, Roger, Emma, Björn, Karolina, Bright

WCMTM Seminar Series 2021

Responsible: George, Helena, Johan, Björn R