Jeansson Foundations: Bojar one of two receivers of the 2024 personal prize

Jeanssons Foundations have selected Daniel Bojar for the 2024 Personal Prize. In november 2023, Daniel also received the foundations' startup grant for his research on cancer specific glycans in human saliva.

"I am very grateful for the grant and also for the highlight of receiving the personal prize" said Daniel Bojar who is assistant professor at the department of chemistry and molecular biology, and fellow at the Wallenberg center for molecular and translational medicine (WCMTM).

Supporting Medical Research

According to their regulations, the foundations support scientific research in the field of medicine or other disciplines that are conducting research that benefits medicine.

In total 4-7 miljons SEK per year are provided to medical research.

Prize winners

Function of Complex Carbohydrates

schematic illustration
Glycans—or sugar molecules—are complex carbohydrates, and one of the fundamental biological sequences, next to DNA, RNA, and proteins. With the help of AI tools, the Bojar group are investigating the role of glycans in disease such as lung cancer.

"My research group is focused on understanding the function of complex carbohydrates and how they change in diseases such as cancer, both computationally and experimentally. I believe that these molecules could be the key to improved diagnostics and treatment through precision medicine. The primary reason is that they possess the most complex and dynamic biological sequences among all substances in our bodies."

Read the Jeanssons Foundations' interview with med Daniel: Daniel Bojar – Jeanssons Stiftelser (in Swedish)

Daniel also received SEK 4 million from the Lundberg Foundation for the continued research on the role of glycomes in lung cancer