University of Gothenburg

WCMTM is Part of several National Strategic Initiatives

As part of a long-term national initiative by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, we collaborate with other Wallenberg Centers in Sweden to strengthen our research groups and create common forums where current research questions and challenges take center stage.

Together with SciLifeLab, we are part of national programs and infrastructures that contribute to the development of and support for research. With collective strength, we meet the  challenges we face in areas such as health, environment, and climate.

OligoNova - Innovative development of a new class of drugs

OligoNova is a Swedish, national initiative for drug development and therapeutic oligonucleotides. It consists of four parts: Hub, Accelerate, Challenges, and Network.

Together, all four components aim to contribute to innovative solutions, new drug patents, start-up companies, and effective treatment for patients.

The steering group of WCMTM has the overall responsibility for ensuring and following up on the initiation, planning, implementation of activities, and strategic development of the OligoNova Hub. The infrastructure is located at the Core Facilities at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

SciLifeLab & Wallenberg National Program for Data-Driven Life Science

The future of life science is data-driven, providing major new opportunities to explore and understand biology, human health and changing ecosystems. The SciLifeLab & Wallenberg National Program for Data-Driven Life Science (DDLS) is set up to make use of these opportunities.

At the University of Gothenburg, DDLS research group leaders are part of WCMTM's activities and network. We also collaborate closely with DDLS Chalmers. In addition to the important scientific exchange, WCMTM is also responsible for, among other things, recruiting new researchers to the University of Gothenburg as part of the DDLS program.


PALS: Program for Academic Leaders in Life Science

PALS is an official collaboration aimed at connecting research leaders within the fellow programs of DDLS, SciLifeLab, and WCMTM. PALS is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in partnership with participating organizations.

Innovative, interdisciplinary projects

One of our primary goals is to promote scientific interactions among researchers. Curiosity, an interest in technology and data-driven research, as well as translational and clinical issues, take center stage. Through PALS, we support new, innovative, and interdisciplinary research collaborations among over 150 research group leaders united under the common umbrella.

Ten Swedish universities, as well as the Swedish Museum of Natural History, are part of PALS. The research group leaders have been trained at many of the world's best universities and laboratories, representing a significant addition of cutting-edge expertise and talent to the Swedish life science sector.

Annual National Meeting

Within the framework of the PALS collaboration, annual scientific meetings are organized, providing an opportunity to create a unique and close network that brings together academia and industry, as well as healthcare regions across the country.