University of Gothenburg
The University Buildning in Vasaparken.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

WCMTM Vision and Values

As a research centre, we aim to be an open environment where excellent research, innovation, and benefit for patients are in focus.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading interdisciplinary research environment, driving excellence and innovation in translational and data-driven life sciences towards new effective clinical tools and interventions.

Our Values

Through the centre's core values, we can collectively create an environment characterized by collaboration, curiosity, and interdisciplinary approaches, openness, and inclusivity. This helps us in driving progress and growth and contributing to impact and benefit for society.

  • Scientific Excellence & Freedom
  • Curiosity & Interdisciplinarity
  • Openness & Inclusion
  • Spirit of collaboration
  • Leadership for advancement and growth
  • Societal benefit