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2020 - ongoing
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University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Short description

Johan Zelano is a consultant neurologist at Sahlgrenska university hospital and assistant professor at Sahlgrenska academy, University of Gothenburg.

About Zelano Group

Johan Zelano is a consultant neurologist at Sahlgrenska university hospital and assistant professor at Sahlgrenska academy, University of Gothenburg. He is the adult epilepsy team director at Sahlgrenska university hospital. The research group belongs to the Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, and became a part of the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational medicine in June 2020.

Research goals

The goal of the research is to improve diagnosis, treatment, and health care of persons with epilepsy, with a specific focus on epilepsy acquired in adulthood. From animal models, we know that inflammation and reorganization of brain networks are key aspects of development of epilepsy and an important aim is to identify biomarkers of these processes to allow early detection, diagnosis and in the longer run prevention.

Once epilepsy is established, there is also a need for biomarkers of seizures (treatment effect) and more information on optimal choice of antiepileptic drugs, and the impact of epilepsy on overall prognosis.

Research methods

We do clinical studies collecting blood or csf biobanks linked to clinical follow-up, epidemiological research based on national registers, and neuroimaging. The group has multiple national and international collaborations. In 2020 we plan to start a large biobank study of epilepsy in VGR (see information below)

Johan Zelano - portrait
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Contact Information

Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology
Box 430
405 30 Göteborg
Visiting Address: Blå Stråket 7, Plan 3, Sahlgrenska , 413 45 Göteborg

Group Members


David Larsson,
Research area: Poststroke epilepsy

Zamzam Mahamud,
Research area: Epilepsy in Multiple Sclerosis

Hanna Eriksson,
Research area: Risk factors and biomarkers for acquired epilepsy

Markus Karlander,
Research area: Epilepsy after traumatic brain injury

Samuel Håkansson,
Research area: AI/Machine learning for individualized epilepsy treatment

Post doc

Rakesh Banote,
Research area: Biomarkers for acquired epilepsy

Current Projects

We evaluate the potential of resting state fMRI to identify individuals with acquired epilepsy. Recruitment is closed.

Biomarkers in focal epilepsy
In this biobank study, blood samples from individuals with and without epilepsy are analyzed for biomarkers that can indicate epilepsy and/or seizures. Recruitment is closed.

This VGR-region-spanning epilepsy biobank study will start in 2021 and collect blood samples and conduct yearly surveys from individuals with epilepsy. The main aims are to identify biomarkers or genetic predisposition for epilepsy or severe side effects with particular epilepsy treatments, to study access to and use of epilepsy care, and psychosocial consequences of epilepsy.

Epidemiology of acquired epilepsy
By using national health registers, we study risk factors, prognosis, and treatment of acquired epilepsy in many brain diseases.

Geographic mapping of epilepsy and seizures in Western Sweden
We map the prevalence of epilepsy and incidence of seizures in VGR, to identify underserved areas with regard to epilepsy care.

Digitization tools
We are evaluating an online platform for women with epilepsy offering patient education and therapeutic drug monitoring.


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"Who´ll be the next director?" Project for better succession in clinical management
Lena Ekselius, Johan Zelano, Thomas Lindén
J Swe Med Assoc - 2010-01-01

Open Positions

There are currently no open positions, but externally funded master students and post docs are always welcome. Do contact Johan Zelano for information on potential projects.