University of Gothenburg
Building spaces for public dialogue & international by Onkar Kular.
'Building spaces for public dialogue & international', Onkar Kular, Stanley Picker Creators Academy (SPCA) 2016
Photo: Ellie Laycock

Research area: design

Design research at HDK-Valand focuses on a broad range of societal issues, engages in transformation and aims at contributing to a more sustainable world. We seek to conduct interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research with partnerships and collaborations both within and outside academia.

In the broader context of the department, we research societies entanglements with culture and politics through a range of artistic practices and methods. We are interested in the intersections between arts, craft, design, politics, society, and organization. Contexts of inquiry are the public sphere, education, participatory politics, mobility, neo-colonialism, posthumanist perspectives, critical heritage, social justice, public and private organizations, urban development and digital transformations in various sectors of society.