Helena Kraff

About Helena Kraff

Helena Kraff, PhD in Design, works as a researcher and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts. Her main research focus lies in the exploration of participatory practices and thus touches on areas such as participatory design, Co-Design, Service design and Critical design. In former and current research projects, design, or more particularly, participatory design methods and theories, have been embedded in multi- and trandsciplinary projects. These include participatory community-based tourism development projects in a Kenyan and Swedish context. Her current research project, TiMS explore the role of tourism in multicultural societies. Present in all projects is also the interaction between critical perspectives on the one side, and pragmatic and transformative aims on the other. As part of her research, Helena is engaged in the cross-faculty research centre, Centre for tourism and Business & Design Lab.

In teaching focus is mainly placed within the Master program of Embedded Design at the Design unit. Embedded design explores future design positions, and how these are integrated in various organizational setting in which designers incorporate their critical perspectives as well as transformative aims for organizational and societal development.