University of Gothenburg
hands working with textile
”Export/Import Copenhagen”, Rosa Tolnov Clausen, 2019
Photo: Kohei Usuda

Doctoral Studies: Artistic practices

The doctoral programme in Artistic Practice is an overarching subject title that includes the different research fields: craft, design, design management, fine art, film, photography, literary composition and poetry and prose . There is an expansive understanding of these practices and we actively support multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary projects that may draw upon more than one genre of creative practice.

In the past we employed separate syllabi documents to cover the doctoral awards made in Craft, Design, Film, Fine Art, Literary Composition or Photography. However, we have found that it is more meaningful and effective to gather these subjects within a common doctoral syllabus, including each specialisation as an option. Currently we have doctoral researchers completing within the older system of discrete syllabi, while newly recruited doctoral researchers will commence on the newly revised syllabus: “Artistic Practice” that comprehends all of these subjects and specialisations. In practical terms there is no change to the content, form and community of participation in the doctoral programme, rather the background institutional documents that underpin the formal award have been updated and simplified. Here you will find links to all the different syllabi and more detailed technical information about our doctoral studies.