University of Gothenburg

Doctoral Studies

HDK-Valand offers doctoral (Third-cycle) education with specialisations in Craft, Design, Film, Fine Art, Literary Composition and Photography - which we gather under the broad heading of “Artistic Practice”. We also offer doctoral studies in the subject Research on Arts Education which includes pedagogical research in the aesthetic field aimed at primary and secondary school subjects such as visual art and sloyd.

The aim of our doctoral programmes is to train researchers, with a focus on the independent and critical creation of knowledge in the field, covering both breadth and depth, practice and theory. We understand the PhD as an entry level training for professional researchers intending to work in academic and/or non-academic settings. While carefully supporting the individual development of each PhD student, we place special emphasis on the collaborative and collective aspects of research and the importance of communities of practice. Broadly speaking, we believe that learning to do research involves a deepening process of participation in one or more communities of practice. Doctoral positions are limited to fully funded employment positions and are advertised on a regular basis. It is not possible to apply for doctoral studies with us unless there is an open call for applications.

Research Schools
All doctoral students are linked to a research school with shared courses and seminars: in Artistic Practice, the department runs the artistic research school together with the Academy of Music and Drama (our sister institution within the faculty), with four basic courses, symposia and workshops. Within Research on Arts Education, there are two research schools, CUL (Center for Educational Science and Learning) at the University of Gothenburg, and FoBoS, a national research school with support from the Swedish Research Council, for doctoral students in visual art education and sloyd education.

Research groups
Doctoral students are invited to join at least one of the research groups active within HDK-Valand. These groups are currently organised under the following headings:

  • Political Imaginaries
  • Environment: Ecological and Climate Challenges 
  • Economies: Organising, Valuating and Working
  • Materialities and Experimental Aesthetics