University of Gothenburg
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Doctoral Studies: The research on arts education

Research on arts education has a focus primarily on didactic, as well as political, structural and institutional issues in preschool, school or upper secondary school aesthetic activities.

The research concerns both media-specific teaching in the aesthetic subjects of art and crafts and media-neutral aesthetic activities. Doctoral education in the subject aims to provide an all-round scientific education, that also provides good preparation for tasks in society where knowledge of aesthetic forms of expression with a focus on educational science is of value.

PhD students


Sloyd education

  • Ann-Charlotte Hermansson (FoBoS)
  • Anna Segelman (FoBoS)  
  • Emma Gyllerfelt (CUL)
  • Linda-Marie Herger (FoBoS)  
  • Sophia Desport (FoBoS)

Visual art education