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Biodiversity Education

Many of or members are teachers or guides at our public partners thus we have lots of interesting education going on at the GGBC. From preschool classes at the Gothenburg Natural History Museum to PhD courses at the University of Gothenburg, all focusing on biodiversity, be it the basic understanding of it to tools for exploring it.

Biodiversity Courses

The GGBC host a number of courses in biodiversity every year. The courses are aimed at PhD students undergrads and the general public. With these courses we aim to help train the new generation of biodiversity researchers and increase awareness around biodiversity. 

PhD level course: 
Target capture for Illumina sequencing
course leader: Tobias Andermann
Mar. 21, 2022–Mar. 25, 2022, Tjärnö, registration closed

PhD level course: Spatial analysis in R
course leader: Søren Faurby
new dates to be announced

Graduate level course: Biodiversity in Western Sweden 
course leader: Allison Perrigo
4 Jul 2022 - 7 Aug 2022, open for registration 18 feb 2022 - 15 mar 2022

Evening graduate level course: Biodiversity in the 21st century 
course leader: Christine Bacon
29 Aug 2022 - 15 Jan 2023, open for registration 15 Mar 2022 - 19 Apr 2022

People at GGBC workshop
Participants at a Biodiversity Informatics Workshop in 2019

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Teachers' Network

We also have a teachers' network where our educators can get together, share thoughts and ideas an collaborate around biodiversity education. Working with education and biodiversity? Interested in joining? Contact