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University of Gothenburg

Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre

Green chameleon with dark background

The Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre aims to link science and society around biodiversity and enhance and accelerate biodiversity research.

The GGBC has a global outlook, extending well beyond the borders of our home base in Western Sweden. We are a collaborative effort among fourteen partner institutions and hosted at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Winners of the GGBC 2020 photocompetition

In connection to the  GGBC member meeting 2020 a photocompetition was announced with a focus on "biodiversity in action".  Two photos from two very different environments where chosen as the winners as they both depicted people working, hands on, with biodiversity.

Melilia Meshba from the Dept. of Biology and Environmental sciences, GU contributed with a beautiful picture of botanists in the Algerian desert looking for a rare species of Acacia.

Erik Lindström from Universeum sent in a colourful and active picture of GGBC member Klas Malmberg as he shifts sand in the tanks at Universeum to provide new environments and stimulation to its swimming inhabitants.

Photo: Melilia Meshba
Photo: Erik Lindström