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University of Gothenburg
Penguin at Slottsskogen Zoo
Photo: Harith Farooq


The GGBC and our members together produce movies, interviews, newsletters, educational material and not the least scientific advances. Browse through our collection below for informative material and some of the latest scientific findings on biodiversity.

Recently in the media

Mammal Extinction is caused by humans - not the climate

Tobias Andermann, lead author of a new scientific study in Science Advances showing the alarming rate to which humans are causing mammalextinctions recieved a lot of medial attention with no less than a newsfeature in the local newspaper Göteborgsposten and two interviews with TRT World and BBC World.
Read the newsfeature in Göteborgsposten here
See the interview with TRT World here
See the interview with BBC World here


What would happen to Earth if humans went extinct?

GGBC'er Søren Faurby was interviewed in LiveScience with insights on what the past may tell us about the future of life.
Read the inteview here


Heathlands a landscape created by man in need of management

Mattias Lindholm, one of Sweden's few reserachers on heathlands is interviewed as part of the popular Swedish radio show Naturmorgon. Listen to Mattias talk about one of Europe's most threatened habitats and their need for continued management.
Listen to the interview in Radio P4 here

Recent research publications

A synoptic review of the family Dendronotidae (Mollusca: Nudibranchia): a multilevel organismal diversity approach

Trade‐off between seed dispersal in space and time

Pollinators drive floral evolution in an Atlantic Forest genus

Megafauna decline have reduced pathogen dispersal which may have increased emergent infectious diseases

Molecular systematics, species limits, and diversification of the genus Dendrocolaptes (Aves: Furnariidae): Insights on biotic exchanges between dry and humid forest types in the Neotropics


Communication Projects

GGBC is currently involved in two ongoing communication projects, Så Vilda! and Ocean Blues. We look forward to presenting the results from these two projects when finsihed, both focusing on communicating the importance of biodiversity, the threats against it and what we as humans can do about it.


MSc and PhD projects

Recently finished PhD projects

Origin, evolution and biodiversity of the Neotropical herpetofauna : patterns and processes of the world's richest and most threatened biota

Josué Anderson Rêgo Azevedo

Heathlands – a lost world?

Mattias Lindholm

Assessing biodiversity : beyond the taxonomic impediment

Camila Duarte Ritter

Big data insights into the distribution and evolution of tropical diversity

Alexander Zizka


Recently finished MSc projects

Does fruit colour affect the geographical distribution of palms
Adrian Hill, MSc in biology

Relative impact of individual on global biodiversity loss
Louisa Durkin, MSc in Biology