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Within the GGBC there are many ongoing projects led by our members. The GGBC does not have projects on its own but by acting as a platform for our members to collaborate on the GGBC facilitates these endeavours. Ranging from BSc degree projects to large collaborative efforts between organisations these projects, local and global, all focus on understanding and enhancing biodiversity.

Research Projects

The research at the GGBC spans from the smallest of organisms like slimemolds to the largest terrestrial animal on earth, the elephant. The research focus on everything from systemic, biogeography, evolution, genomics, conservation and much more.

Outreach and Communication Projects

The many educators within the GGBC sometimes combine forces with scientists and other experts within certain fields to provide high quality information to the public. Below are some examples of communication projects focused on schoolchildren.

Så Vilda

Så Vilda is a collaborative effort led by the Gothenburg Botanical Garden.... The project is funded by Formas for a 1,5 year period spanning between 2019-2020.
Read more about the project here

Ocean Blues

Ocean Blues is led by members at the Centre for Sea and Society in collaboration with the GGBC, FRAM, CeCAR, Havsmiljöinstitutet and HDK-Valand. This project focuses on helping young adults to turn climate anxiety in to action. Through a series of workshops teenagers are taught about the pending threats against biodiversity and how they can be proactive in mitigating the problem. The project is funded by FORMAS for the period 2020-2022.
Read more about the project here


Many of or members are teachers or guides at our public partners thus we have lots of interesting education going on at the GGBC. From preschool classes at the Gothenburg Natural History Museum to PhD courses at the University of Gothenburg, all focusing on biodiversity, be it the basic understanding of it to tools for exploring it.

We also have a teachers network where our teachers can get together, share thoughts and ideas an collaborate around biodiversity education. Working with education and biodiversity? Interested in joining? Contact

Student Projects

With many GGBC members working on various research and conservation projects there are many opportunities to do your degree project with us at the GGBC. Contact for a full, updated list of available student projects.

Though PhD projects are affiliated to the GGBC, the GGBC does not provide PhD projects. Instead, please have a look at the University of Gothenburg employment page for advertisements.