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University of Gothenburg
GGBC steeringboard at Nordens Ark

Steering board and leadership

The steering board consists of representatives from each of our 14 partner organisations. The steering board works closely with the centre's director and project coordinator. Together, the steering board and leadership develop and implement the GGBC's vision, ensuring maximum impact in accelerating biodiversity research and knowledge.

GGBC Steering Board

GGBC Steering Board

Mari Källersjö, Botaniska (Chair of the GGBC Steering Board)
Mari is the director of the Gothenburg Botanical Garden where she oversees all activities and development of the garden. She has a background in systematics.

Ulrika Palme, Environmental Systems Analysis, Chalmers University of Technology
Ulrika is a senior lecturer at the Chamers University of Technology with research and teaching topics including impacts on biodiversity from land use. She finished her MSc in biology at the University of Gothenburg in 1992, and her PhD in environmental systems analysis at Chalmers University of Technology in 2007.

Stefan Örgård, Gothenburg Natural History Museum
Stefan is the Museum Director at Gothenburg Natural History Museum. He has an education in marine ecology and has a long experience in communication science.

Helen Sköld, Havets Hus
Helen is the aquarium manager at Havets His located in Lysekil as well as an associate professor in marine zoology at the University of Gothenburg.

Claes Persson, Herbarium GB
Claes is lecturer and director of the Herbarium at the University of Gothenburg where he, in 1998, received a PhD in systematic botany. Claes is chief-editor of the Flora of Ecuador and his research is focused on the systematics of South American Rubiaceae (the coffee family), a group he has studied for nearly three decades.

Matthias Obst, Dept. of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg
Matthias is an Associate professor in Marine biology at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. He has 16 years of experience as an academic researcher, infrastructure developer, and project manager in the marine environmental sector. Matthias is especially interested in building observation systems for biological diversity in the ocean.

Robert Björk, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg
Robert is a senior lecturer at the Dept. of Earth Sciences at the University of Gothenburg. His work focuses on plant community dynamics to greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial systems, focusing mainly on the tundra environment.

Björn Källström, Maritime Museum and Aquarium, Gothenburg
Björn is the development leader at the Maritime museum and Aquarium in Gothenburg currently leading the reconstruction of the new aquarium. He is also involved in and engaged in a lot of public education. Björn is the leader of the research working group in GGBC.

Håkan Sigurdsson, Universeum
Håkan is the scientific leader at Universeum. He has a background in physics and have been involved in multiple development projects...

Henrik Aronsson, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg
Henrik is the head of the Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Gothenburg as well as a professor at the same dept. His research topics involve transportational mechanisms in plants.

Lena Gippert, Centre for Sea and Society, University of Gothenburg
Lena is the director of the Centre for Sea and Society hosted at the Dept. of Marine Sciences at the University of Gothenburg. She is also a professor at the Dept. of Law at the University and her research interests include environmental law primarily related to marine governance.

Mats Höggren, Nordens Ark
Mats is the director/CEO of Nordens Ark, a Swedish non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation of endangered wildlife. He has a background in biology, with a PhD in genetics from Uppsala University.

Linda Thelin, Slottsskogens Djurpark
Linda works as a zoological curator at Slottsskogen zoo. She has a background in biology, pedagogics and nature interpretation. Linda also works for other organizations, and the common factor for all assignments is that they aim to increase commitment to biodiversity and sustainability issues.

Bengt Larsson, Västkuststiftelsen
Bengt is the Vice CEO at Västkuststiftelsen focusing on the preservation of biological diversity in protected areas around Western Sweden. He has a background in biology with a Filosofie licentiate degree in ecological zoology.

Adjunct Steeringboard

Kennet Lundin
Kennet works as a curator of the invertebrate collection at the Gothenburg Natural History Museum and is also an associate professor at the Dept. of Marine sciences at the University of Gothenburg. Kennet's research focuses on nudibranchs and other marine invertebrates.

Mats Niklasson
Mats is the scientific leader at Nordens Ark. He works on multiple conservational projects including an Interreg funded project focusing on nordic bees.

GGBC leadership

Headshots of GGBC leadership
Project coordinator Heléne Aronsson, Director Allison Perrigo and Secretary of the steeringboard Jenny Klingberg


Allison Perrigo
Allison is the Director of the GGBC. She has a background in ecology (BSc, University of British Columbia, Canada) and systematic biology (PhD, Uppsala University, Sweden), as well as having worked in scientific communication through her company, Forest Cat Editing. She co-edited the book Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity (Wiley, 2018) and is broadly interested in biodiversity patterns and communicating science to the public.

Project Coordinator

Heléne AronssonHeléne is the coordinator of the GGBC. She has a background in biology and evolutionary ecology with a special interest in birds. She finished her MSc at the University of Gothenburg in 2018 and have since been involved in biodiversity research at the University.


Jenny Klingberg works at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden with science communication and research. She is secretary the and gives other support for the GGBC steering board. She has a PhD-degree in Applied Environmental Science and her main research interest is ecosystem services focusing on how trees can influence the air quality in cities.


Advisory Board


Prof. Scott Edwards, Harvard University

Prof. Hugo de Boer, University of Oslo

Dr. Sandy Knapp, Natural History Museum London

Minna Panas, University of Gothenburg

Anna Stenström, Länsstyrelsen Västra Götaland

Prof. Jens Christian Svenning, Aarhus University

Klara Jansson, Miljöförvaltningen Göteborgs Stad