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University of Gothenburg

Activities for members

A number of activities focussed on biodiversity research is exclusive to our members. This is where our researchers can present their ideas to each other, receive feedback and forge collaborations.

Annual Member Meetings

Photo: Allison Perrigo

Every year in December the members of the GGBC get together to network, establish new collaborations and present on the past year's achievements and findings. The meetings started in 2017 and on December 6-7, 2021 we will be holding or 5th annual meeting.

The meetings take place in Bioteket and in venues at our partner organisations.

Monday Meetings

Every Monday morning we meet up to listen to a GGBC member presenting on a current project. Afterwards we discuss and give feedback, making use of the various expertise we possess within our network. The topics in the presentations range from systematics to ecosystem services in urban environments, from elephants to bromeliads, but all with biodiversity as a common denominator.