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Cells of liverwort Porella
Photo: Anna Pielach

Activities for members

A number of activities focussed on biodiversity research is exclusive to GGBC members. This is where our researchers can present their ideas to each other, receive feedback and forge collaborations.

Monday Meetings

Every Monday at 08:45 GGBC members have the opportunity to meet. These weekly meetups alternate between a presentation, and chats over coffee: both options giving valuable opportunities to meet and discuss topics important to our work. 

The bi-monthly talks, enable GGBC member to present on a current project. Afterwards we discuss and give feedback, making use of the various expertise within our network. The topics of the presentations range from systematics to ecosystem services in urban environments, from elephants to bromeliads, but all with biodiversity as a common denominator.

Masters and PhD students are encouraged to present in the early stages of each paper/project they are developing. Post-docs and more senior researchers are likewise encouraged to present work that is in early stages, including grant application ideas. 

Are you a GGBC member and would you like to present? Let know. 

Upcoming talks:

Date: 6th May 
Speaker: Claes Stannegård
Title: Ecosystems models based on machine learning

Date: 13th May 
Speaker: Alena Felicia Wichmann
Title: The origin and diversification of Senna (Fabaceae)

Date: 20th May 
Speaker: Sybryn Maes
Title: TBC

Journal Club

In this journal club we focus on papers in biodiversity, ecology and systematics that have a broad application. Especially encouraged are methodological and conceptual papers that encourage discussions and allows for participants from different areas within biodiversity research to understand and get value from the journal club. Any organismal group can be covered in the paper but have in mind that the focus of the paper should be relevant for others working outside of that group.

The GGBC journal club meets every other week on Thu at 13:00. The meetings have a hybrid setup and take place in the Botan building, Carl Skottbergs gata 22b, Gothenburg. There will be possibilities to join online for GGBC members not based in Gothenburg. Please refer to the #journal-club channel in the GGBC Slack workspace for Zoom links and information.

For whom?
All levels of researchers and students from MSc-students to professors at the GGBC are welcome. Have you never been to a journal club before? Don't hesitate to reach out and join us to see what it's like!

Presenter and participants roles
Each meeting a member is responsible for presenting a paper of their own choice. Dates for presenting are assigned by the organizer after agreement with the presenter. The presenter is expected to:

  • announce their choice of paper at least one week before the meeting.
  • present 2-3 slides focusing on: main figures, points or critizism, take home message or questions they have

Participants are expected to:

  • have read the paper before the meeting
  • bring 1-2 questions or thoughts

Note that it might be possible for PhD-students to receive credits for participation in the Journal Club. The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at GU awards the students with 0.2 hec for each meeting but please confirm the terms for credits with your examinor.

To sign up or if you have questions, please contact Adrian Hill, PhD student at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences who is responsible for arranging the journal club. 

Taxonomy Club

The GGBC Taxonomy Club at the University of Gothenburg was founded in 2019 by a group of enthusiastic young botanists from across the globe. Their motivation was to share and learn from one another’s skills in plant identification, using the collections at HerbariumGB. Today, Taxonomy Club has grown beyond its plant focus, and explores fungal and animal taxonomy as well.

Beyond their work with morphological identification, Taxonomy Club members often discuss relevant topics in their monthly meetings, for example species delimitation in light of morphological and molecular data. This is especially relevant as many members are working with collections directly, as well as with “big data” and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data from the collections.

Taxonomy Club has also been working alongside Universeum to put their identification skills to the test, putting names on the plant collections in Universeum’s Rainforest. You can watch a short film, produced with the support of BECC, about this member-driven initiative.

Are you a GGBC member working with taxonomy and interested in joining the club? You can contact Anne-Sophie Quatela for more information.

Annual Member Meetings

Photo: Allison Perrigo

Every year in December the members of the GGBC get together to network, establish new collaborations and present on the past year's achievements and findings. The meetings started in 2017 and on December 5-6 we hold our annual meeting for 2022. Read the programme

The meetings take place at Bioteket and in venues at our partner organisations.