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University of Gothenburg
Paneldiscussion in lecturehall
Photo: Allison Perrigo


At the GGBC there are always activities going on all focusing on biodiversity through research, education and outreach.

During the year we have larger events like our annual biodiversity lecture and annual member meeting as well as celebrating Biodiversity Day. Apart from that, there are many events going at at our partners, especially our public partners who are constantly hosting popular scientific events and educating the general public on biodiversity and its importance

GGBC Annual Meetings

Photo: Allison Perrigo

Every year in December the members of the GGBC get together to network, establish new collaborations and present on the past year's achievements and findings. The meetings started in 2017 and on December 7-8, 2020 we will be holding or 4th annual meeting.

The meetings take place in Bioteket and in venues at our partner organisations.

Winners of the GGBC 2020 photocompetition

In connection to the  GGBC member meeting 2020 a photocompetition was announced with a focus on "biodiversity in action".  Two photos from two very different environments where chosen as the winners as they both depicted people working, hands on, with biodiversity.

Melilia Meshba from the Dept. of Biology and Environmental sciences, GU contributed with a beautiful picture of botanists in the Algerian desert looking for a rare species of Acacia.

Erik Lindström from Universeum sent in a colourful and active picture of GGBC member Klas Malmberg as he shifts sand in the tanks at Universeum to provide new environments and stimulation to its swimming inhabitants.

Photo: Erik Lindström
Photo: Melilia Meshba

GGBC Annual Biodiversity Lectures

The GGBC hosts one major lecture on biodiversity every autumn. This event is intended for both GGBC members and the general public. The aim is to bring a high-profile biodiversity researcher or researchers to Gothenburg to engage the public and encourage enthusiasm for the natural world. 

In 2018 the GGBC held its inaugural biodiversity lecture. It was delivered by Peter and Rosemary Grant, famed evolutionary biologists working on “Darwin’s finches” in the Galapagos. The event took place on November 20 at the Wallenberg Conference Centre. The event is now available to watch online.

Monday Meetings

Every Monday morning, GGBC members meet up to listen to a presentation from a GGBC member presenting on a current project, Afterwards we discuss and give idea and input, making use of the various expertise we posess within our network. The topics in the presentations range from systematics to ecosystemservices in urban environments, from elephants to Bromeliads but all with the common interest in biodiversity and what creates it.

External events

International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May

At the GGBC we always celebrate the international day for Biological Diversity, or Biodiversity Day. Our partners host an array of events to increase the generals publics knowledge and understanding of biodiversity.

Outreach events with our partners